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Why I Do What I Do

As National Healthcare Relationship Manager at Flextime Nurses, I am responsible for developing our network of clients whereby we provide Healthcare Professionals, most notably Nurses to support the temporary Nursing needs that our clients often have. We also do temp [...]

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Nurses Rally to Demand Safe Staffing Ratios

  Nurses from all over the country gathered under cloudy skies and congregated around a simple speaker stand with flags to either side stating, “Safe Nursing Ratios Save Lives.” Of all of the problems nursing has—bullying, burnout, and nurses leaving [...]

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What Nurses Wish You Knew

No matter what health-care reform winds up looking like, one thing’s certain: Nurses will play a bigger role than ever, taking over duties from doctors, moving out of hospitals and into the community, looking after frail aging boomers, leading the [...]

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What Do Employers Want in Nurses

Nurses are the unsung heroes of medical care. With such a crucial role in health care, especially during one-on-one interactions with patients, shouldn’t hospitals be clamoring for more nursing graduates? Not according to a new survey from CareerBuilder. Results show [...]

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Virtual Reality Will Change The Healthcare Experience

Virtual Reality or VR is a computer-simulated environment in which we can have the feeling as being in a digital, virtual world experiencing smell, sound, taste, and visuals. VR has been mentioned in many sci-fi masterpieces such as the Necromancer by [...]

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