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Quality Program

Our background checks are customized to your needs.

Our Quality Program Includes (based on client need):

10 Panel Drug Tests

TB Test

Auto Insurance Verification (if required to drive for assignment)

Hep B. Vaccine

CPR Certification

Motor Vehicle Searches


Social Security Number (SSN) Validation and Trace

Criminal Search

State criminal repositories where avail

Federal Criminal (crimes punishable by federal law or involves crime involving 2 or more states)

Education Verification (Highest level of education is most often selected)

Employment Verification (Most recent employer)

Professional License Verification

Homeland Security (Includes OFAC,FBI, US Marshall, US Customs, US DOJ, US Secret Service, DEA Fugitive Most Wanted Files)

Sex Offender NOTICE:

Not all sexual crimes result in placement on the sexual offender registry.

(OIG) Office of In Sanctions Check (revocations, exclusions, debarments, or sanctions)