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Why I Do What I Do

Why I Do What I Do

As National Healthcare Relationship Manager at Flextime Nurses, I am responsible for developing our network of clients whereby we provide Healthcare Professionals, most notably Nurses to support the temporary Nursing needs that our clients often have. We also do temp to perm and permanent placement. This role is not so much a job as a Mission. There is a reason why I do it and enjoy doing it.

I have spent nearly thirty years in Healthcare. For most of those years my career was that of a Retained Executive Search Consultant recruiting and placing C level executives in Hospitals and Healthcare Systems across the country. It was a role that required significant travel and the ability to analyze the needs of clients, develop a solution profile and present clients with candidates who could provide those solutions.

Around the year 2000 I began to notice the mental decline of my mother, but initially it was not a problem…however in 2006 it became a big problem. 

A medical event involving surgery forced me to get more involved with my mothers affairs which included working with her and the post acute rehabilitation provider that was required. I quickly learned that medical events such as hers often accelerate the process of Dementia and my mom required not only physical rehabilitation but a complete evaluation of her mental state.

The outcome of this evaluation was the reality that she could not go home…she would require Long Term and Assisted care. As a result it fell to me as the only one in the family with healthcare experience and geographic proximity to identify an appropriate facility to provide care. My Healthcare experience was very helpful in aiding me to make a good choice…at least initially. Then with facility management changes, declining quality of care and other issues I was forced to revisit new providers and make a change.

It was also the case that my personal involvement was needed to provide support so that my Mom would cooperate with her care.  My mother did not respond well to being away from home and continuing medical issues resulted in additional hospitalizations and post acute rehabilitation admissions. That included personally taking her to frequent Physician visits and having to be personally present for therapies delivered within her Assisted Living Facility.

I was forced to leave my Healthcare Consulting career to focus on my mother’s needs. She lived for seven years before passing away from medical complications.

After my mothers passing I wanted to resume my Healthcare career, but realized I no longer wanted the heavy travel and lifestyle that went with my former role. I spent time looking at options and eventually I found Flextime Nurses. The Flextime team asked me to assist in building their Healthcare Staffing business…as it did not require travel I gave it some thought and realized I had just spent seven years learning about Assisted Living, Health and Rehabilitation and the Healthcare Professionals that worked in this Healthcare segment. I felt it was perfect as I could bring my experience to bear in helping to build a quality oriented Healthcare Firm that was both Patient and Healthcare Professional focused.

I am proud of the service we are providing as it assists our clients in maintaining their staffing levels, especially when census fluctuation create short or long term needs for additional staffing. But I am also proud of the Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals who are Flextime Professionals. We provide them with good places to work and flexible schedules that better meet their needs than traditional employment arrangements.

It is a Mission and I and the Flextime Team enjoying serving that Mission.

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