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About Us

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Our History

At FlexTime Nurses, we take great pride in offering placement services that are of the highest standard as our mission is to provide top-notch and thoroughly vetted talent at market competitive rates.

In launching FlexTime Nurses, our principals listened to nurses of all disciplines and the result was a clear mandate to find a way to improve the delivery of healthcare services through the individuals whom were on the front lines…Nurses.

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Building Trust

In the fast pace world of health care, providing individuals of high quality, character and experience for when a patient needs it most is chief among our concerns.

FlexTime’s customizable quality program allows you to quickly and affordability get to know your FlexTime Nurse and determine if they are a good fit for your company’s efforts.

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Finding Balance

Our guiding principles of efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services keep in mind that the patients’ increasing needs are our primary focus.   Nurses and allied healthcare providers know that their own physical well-being, happiness and job satisfaction can be determinant on the level of patient care.

Thus, a balanced happy nurse equals a happy patient!

Meet Our Team

Finding Solutions to meet your facility’s needs

I am proud of the service we are providing as it assists our clients in maintaining their staffing levels, especially when census fluctuation create short or long term need

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Bruce McClearen

Business Development Manager

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Nicole Jones

Chief Executive

Our Practitioner Database Continues To Grow


Registered Nurses (RN)

Nurse Practitioners (NP)

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

CNA’s, PCA’s, HHA’s
Our Process

We join your recruitment objectives by accomplishing a few critical tasks:

  1. Learning more of the intricacies of your company’s goals, process and work culture;
  2. Discussing in greater detail our service offerings and thorough due diligence and background process for vetting FlexTime applicants;
  3. FlexTime will begin immediately matching qualified candidates with the openings you identify.
Our core focus


Homecare & Hospice


Private Practice/Clinic


Government Support


See what our Nurses are saying…


Homecare Nurse

Atlanta, GA

“I almost left nursing, getting burned out by constantly being On-Call and 12 hour shifts.  FlexTime listened to me and found me something more balanced.”

January 2015

Large Hospital Nurse

Atlanta, GA

“I know that I can always pick up a few extra hours with FlexTime.”

February 2015

Hospice Nurse

Atlanta, GA

“FlexTime literally changed my life!  They found me a permanent job with a pay increase and the stability I was looking for.”

June 2014